Date Night

This week has been really hard on both Tim and me. We need a break from the tears. 

We have a good friend who is one of the stars of “Ice Cold Gold” which premiers tonight. I’d highly recommend watching it for the beauty of Greenland if nothing else.

We were fortunate enough to have been invited to the premier party.  So we’re all dressed and on our way to Denver.  I’m sure I’ll have pictures to share tomorrow.

I think mourning is something you have to take a break from or it can suck the life out of you. It doesn’t mean that we don’t miss Sampson, or that we’re “over it.” It simply means that we have to get through this with our lives intact and our relationship healthy.

Until next time…

A very sad day

Today is a very hard day.   We have (had) two dogs…Sampson-a 100 pound shepherd mix, and Daisy-a 14 pound terrier.  With all the children grown and gone, the dogs are like our kids.

Apparently, Sampson had a tumor in his stomach and it ruptured.  We had no choice but to put him down. He was 9 years old.

This is one of the saddest days of my life.

If you have a pet that is a part of your family give them a little extra love today.  Take a few minutes to think about what they bring to your life. Be thankful for them.

R.I.P. Big Boy

About Me

Since we’re going to be spending quite a bit of time together, I believe it’s only fair for you to know a little bit about me.  I want to tell you about the person I am now. The story of how I got here will come later and in bite-sized pieces.

I am 48 years old and live in (I believe) the most beautiful place in the world.  It’s an old mining town in the Rocky Mountains with a population of around 1500.  I’ve lived here for about nine years now and I’m still constantly amazed at how incredible it is.  I have four children, two boys and two girls, who are all grown.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss them.  I also have five wonderful grandchildren.

I am engaged to the love of my life. I’ve had other loves, but nothing like this. We’re getting married the end of July, so look forward to lots of pictures!  The story of how he proposed to me is one that I promise to tell.

I have a fairly rare genetic disorder called Arnold Chiari Malformation.   You can follow this link to learn more about the disorder:  What is Chiari Malformation.
I’ve had five operations on my head so far.  The chronic pain, as well as other issues from the disorder, have left me disabled.  I was 40 years old when I was finally diagnosed.  I was told that I was crazy, that I was under too much stress, and that I should take peaceful walks and long baths and I would be fine for 40 years while my brain stem was being pinched off. 

Because of the Chiari, there are days that I simply can’t function.  That makes it impossible for me to hold a job.  That does not, however, keep me from doing fulfilling things with my life.  I do volunteer work.  I volunteer as a CASA .   You can follow this link to learn about that:   What is CASA .   The church I attend serves meals to the community five days a week and I cook there. We serve an average of 50 people a day.

I love to do “crafty” things like crochet, cross-stitch, embroidery, and knitting.  I adore reading and listening to audio-books,  but I have to confess that writing is my true passion.   I’ve been writing ever since I can remember…stories, poems, and journals.

So there’s the brief version of who Lynnette is.  I’d love to know a little about you as well.  Feel free to tell me about yourself and/or ask any questions you’d like about me.

Until tomorrow-

My new blog

Hi everyone! I decided I wanted to start writing a blog, but at first I was at a complete loss as to what I would have to say that anyone would find interesting.  I’m an ordinary person who lives a pretty ordinary life.  What do I know?

I know from personal experience about child abuse, domestic violence, chronic illness, depression, and love being conditional.  I also know from personal experience about the joys of raising children, finding out that love doesn’t have to be conditional, learning not to be a victim, and turning all the pain in my life into tools to help others.  I know about doing more than just surviving, but thriving.  

This blog is a journey I hope you’ll travel with me.  We’ll be going into some hard and ugly places on our way to life and hope.

Until tomorrow—