Memorial in Washington

This whole situation makes me angry because people like me, and many of you I’m certain, are being treated like we’re doing something horrible by using pain meds for what they were intended to be used for.

Hello dear reader.

The purpose of this blog is to try to find ways to enjoy life as much as possible while dealing with chronic illness/pain. Recently, however, I’m fighting for any quality of life.

I’m talking about our government’s decision to end opioid use. I’ve written before about the difference between use and abuse.

I read an article on Medium about the “Prescribed to Death” memorial being put up in Washington. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

I have to say in all honesty, this article infuriated me. This was my response:
I am so sorry for people who have lost someone to a drug overdose. That being said, I think this “memorial” is one of the worst ideas I’ve heard.
I live with chronic, debilitating pain constantly. Without the opiods I’m prescribed I would be dead. Period. I take the minimum amount of medication I can and still function. I don’t abuse my medication.
I went so far as to have electrodes implanted in my head (TENS unit). I’ve had my nerves burned. The list goes on and on. Nothing has worked. So I rely on pain meds to get out of bed in the morning, be as functional as possible throughout the day, and be able to sleep at night. I’m one of the majority of people who take opiods. The ones who don’t have a choice, who are responsible and careful with them, the ones who are being threatened with a death sentence by the government.
So put up your memorial if it makes you feel better. And start digging graves for the people like me.

Here’s an example of how insane this situation is becoming…I’m always very careful to read the information sheets when I start on a new medication. I want to be aware of potential side effects and interaction issues. I was put on a different pain medication last week. No matter how responsibly you take them, your body will build up a tolerance over time and they will no longer work. After spending 6 weeks in bed because I was in too much pain to move, my doctor and I decided I had reached that point. I was shocked when I read the information sheet on this new medication. There was nothing about side effects. There were no instructions about things like whether it needed to be taken with food. There were two pages of small print as usual, but the only information was about how addictive opiods can be, how dangerous they can be, how if you took them while pregnant 😯 the baby would be born addicted, and on and on. I had to look the medication up online to find out potential side effects and instructions. Does anyone realize how dangerous that is, to not know which side effects are normal and which are life threatening?

This whole situation makes me angry because people like me, and many of you I’m certain, are being treated like we’re doing something horrible by using pain meds for what they were intended to be used for. It terrifies me because I feel like my quality of life is being threatened… actually, my life itself. Nobody can be expected to live in constant agony, unable to function at all. Suicide rates are going to jump drastically if our government succeeds in making narcotics, opiods, opiates, etc. impossible to get.

Normally I would apologize for going on a rant, but not this time.

What do you think about this issue?
How do you feel about it?
I’d really like some feedback.

Until next time…

Author: lynnetteok

There's a page with probably more about me than most people care to know. 😉

8 thoughts on “Memorial in Washington”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your pain. The horrible thing is how random addiction is. My ex-husband was an alcoholic (still is). His brother isn’t and they both grew up in a hard-drinking family. I see this all the time. There’s definitely no easy answers. An elderly couple I know have similar struggles. The husband needs morphine just to stand up after a terrible car accident and cancer that eats his bones. His wife started swiping his meds and now she’s the one abusing. No rhyme or reason.

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    1. Thank you for your response. I completely agree. My husband is also an alcoholic (15 years sober). He grew up with a hard-drinking father (learned behavior and genetics). I grew up with an alcoholic step-father (learned behavior) and alcoholics all through my father’s side of the family (genetics). Yet I’ve never struggled with addiction personally, for which I’m very thankful. According to statistics, I should be an addict.
      The randomness of it is mind boggling.

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  2. I completely adore (NOT) being treated like a junkie when I ask for help with pain management. I’m responsible with how and when I take medications. The flip side of this, is even though it took me 6 months to get through a bottle of 30 opioids post surgically, I still feel like an addict.
    I understand that people hurt when their loved ones overdose. I’m not seeing heroin being prescribed, so maybe that’s something that needs to be re-evaluated in this “crisis”. I don’t see anything about alcohol, and the deaths caused by that – but maybe that’s just the money talking.
    I’m angry about this. It feels like the government is saying “If you hurt, you have no value.” It must be nice to never feel pain.

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    1. Agreed. The number of alcohol related deaths (including people killed by drunk drivers) and gun related deaths is higher, but people in government make too much money to fight those things. It’s insane!

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        1. Why do you people let us suffer the way you do with pain? I understand people are over dosing on pain meds and it is awful for a family to go through but, you people know when someone is taking to much drugs. So you let the people that has been on pain meds that don’t abuse them suffer for the one’s that do. Our quality of life sucks every single day we are in chronic pain with out some relief with our meds I just hope the hell you never have to go through what we do shame on you. I am 68 and have not overdose why would I start now!!

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