Beautiful poetry!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Hello dear reader.

I read something this morning that started my day with a smile. I’ve spoken many times about how much I’ve always loved being in the woods. This poem, written by AISHWARYA SHAH is a wonderful reminder of all the reasons why. It was simply too beautiful for me not to share!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Walk With Me Through The Forest

Until next time…

Important Update to this Post:

I received a comment on this post last night informing me that the poem had been plagiarized from the website Family Friends Poems. It was published by and copyrighted to Belinda Stotler on December 31,2017.

I was, of course, unaware of this at the time I wrote this post. I want to apologize to all of my readers as well as to the true author, Belinda Stotler.

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful poetry!”

  1. Actually, Ms. Shah plagiarized this poem, verbatim, from the Family Friends Poems website, where it is entitled, “The Forest’s Blessed Abode”. It was published December 31, 2017 by, and copyrighted to, Belinda Stotler. I am the author of that poem and I have sent a message to Ms. Shah to let her know it’s not honest to take credit for work you did not create. Please remove this from your blog or give the proper credit. Here’s a link to where it was originally published:


    1. I’m so sorry! I had no idea. I will edit that post to give proper credit to you, as well as write a separate post doing the same.
      The poem really touched me. It’s absolutely beautiful. I expressed that to her, but knowing now that you’re the author, I’d like to take this opportunity to express it to you.
      Again, I’m very sorry and will correct the matter immediately.


      1. I truly appreciate your taking action to give proper credit. I am also happy to read that you enjoyed and connected with my poem. I started writing “The Forests Blessed Abode” a little over a month after I returned from a trip to Alaska and Canada, I was inspired by some of the loveliest rain forests and surreal scenery I have ever seen in my life. As a child I was always in the woods whenever I got the chance, and went for long walks, or would sometimes climb trees, or sit on a rock near a clear forest stream, to enjoy the sounds and sights. The forests do feel like a temple to me, where I feel not only at peace, but protected and nurtured, and they have been my teacher. The forests taught me a deep respect for all of the living species dependent upon it through every season. I am in awe of how it all blends to form symbiotic relationships that ensure survival for not only the species living in the forests, but also its important role in supporting our entire planet’s environment. I hope my poem not only inspires people to reconnect with themselves and enjoy the miraculous life and natural beauty there, but to become staunch defenders in protecting the forests from those that would destroy them for profit.. – Belinda Stotler

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