Escape Book Club check-in

I’m excited to hear how it’s going with all of you.

Hello dear reader.

We began reading Her Name in the Sky a week ago, so it’s time to check-in with you and see where everyone is. So here are a few questions I’d appreciate all of you answering so we can get a picture of that.

  1. How far into the story are you? Please answer that by naming the chapter so we don’t spoil anything for someone who may be behind you.
  2. How are you liking it so far? Is it keeping your attention? Are you struggling with it?
  3. Are you handling the subject matter okay?

Please answer these and feel free to express anything else you’d like in the comments area below. Just please be careful not to put any spoilers in your comments. I’m excited to hear how it’s going with all of you.

I spent 20+ hours driving round trip and listened to it on Audible, so I’ve already finished it. Personally, I had a difficult time with it for the first few chapters but it got a lot easier after them.

Until next time…


There are so many times I deal with flare-ups for no reason at all.  This one is worth it.

Hello dear reader.

I got home yesterday from my visit with my daughter. It was incredible to get to spend time with her and my son-in-law. I’m extremely thankful that my pain levels stayed where I could push through them for the majority of the visit.

The pain started getting bad the day before I left. I don’t know about any of you, but I can usually tell if it’s just a bad day or settling in to stay for awhile. This was the settling in kind of pain. My daughter and husband both asked me about staying one more day to see if it would ease up, but I didn’t think it would help.  The drive home was not fun.  Wednesday was painful, but yesterday was much worse.

There are so many times I deal with flare-ups for no reason at all.  This one is worth it. I got to visit Louissa. We spent the weekend just hanging out around the house and talking.  We have many of the same interests, so that itself was worth the drive.  I got to go meet a couple of her kids on Monday, which was a lot of fun.  When we left the school she brought me up to the Holy City .  Here’s a link to pictures and the story of it in case you missed it:  The Holy City of the Wichitas .  Then Tuesday evening I got to go to the school’s 4th of July pageant.  It was great!

I’m planning to spend this weekend sitting around the house with Tim and the dogs and taking long naps.   I’m going to read (or listen to) a good book and relax.  I think that’s part of finding life too.

We’ll be checking in on the Escape Book Club the beginning of next week.  Check that out if you haven’t gotten involved with it yet.  We’re going to have a good time with it.  Here’s our first book:  Escape Book Club Book

Until next time…

Escape Book Club Book

It’s time for me to announce the first book for the Escape Book Club.

Hello dear reader.

It’s time for me to announce the first book for the Escape Book Club. Drum roll please……

The book is Her Name in the Sky written by Kelly Quindlen. I didn’t want to start out with anything difficult, but I wanted to find a story that would open up some good conversation. I’ve never read anything by this author, but the premise of the book seems quite interesting. This is the description:

Hannah wants to spend her senior year of high school going to football games and Mardi Gras parties with her tight-knit group of friends. The last thing she wants is to fall in love with a girl – especially when that girl is her best friend, Baker.

Hannah knows she should like Wally, the kind, earnest boy who asks her to prom. She should cheer on her friend Clay when he asks Baker to be his girlfriend. She should follow the rules of her conservative Louisiana community – the rules that have been ingrained in her since she was a child.

But Hannah longs to be with Baker, who cooks macaroni and cheese with Hannah late at night, who believes in the magic of books as much as Hannah does, and who challenges Hannah to be the best version of herself.

And Baker might want to be with Hannah, too–if both girls can embrace that world-shaking, yet wondrous, possibility.

Everyone is welcome to read and discuss this with us, even if you didn’t ‘sign up’ for the book club. We’ll check in on the 7th of July and see how everyone is progressing with it.

Until next time…