Pure at heart!

My next response was that I needed to share this with others.

Hello dear reader.

I read this post and it blew me away! This was my first response:
What a wonderful reminder! I have tried to live that way all my life and raised my children to be respectful, polite, and compassionate.
We can only see bits and pieces of people’s lives. We don’t know how much pain a smile is hiding. I believe we should look for opportunities to lift others up. This word or a simple act of kindness can make a bigger difference in someone’s life than you realize.
This post was wonderfully written and meaningful

My next response was that I needed to share this with others. So I asked the author at Godly Chick Diaries if I could repost it on my blog. She graciously gave me her permission. So here it is. I hope it speaks to you like it did to me.


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I don’t have a choice about what I have to deal with, but my husband does.

Hello dear reader

The following link is to a post I wrote exactly two years ago. I don’t normally “recycle” old posts, but this one is worth putting out there again. It came straight from my heart when I wrote it originally, and I believe it even more today.

I hope it makes you think.

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After the party

Nobody likes them, but everyone has them. The important part is what to do after the pity-party.

Hello dear reader,

So yesterday I threw a pity-party. I didn’t plan it very well. There were no cutsie little sandwiches or fruity punch. Hell, I didn’t even dust! It doesn’t happen often, but when it’s one thing after another after another after – you get the idea – the explosion becomes inevitable. Nobody likes them, but everyone has them. The important part is what to do after the pity-party.

Is everything all better now? Not even close! Everything that hurt yesterday, still hurts today and I could add to the list.

But today I’m being compassionate and understanding. I think people are compassionate for the most part. They’re pretty understanding too. But boy are we hard on ourselves! If anyone else talked to me the way that I talk to me, I’d probably slap them. But not only do I listen to it, I start to believe it.

I said this blog was going to be about finding ways to have a life with chronic pain and illness. Personally, I think that needs to start by treating ourselves with compassion and love. I’m still in bed today, don’t have a lot of choice in that. But I’m not beating myself up about it. I’m not letting that ugliness that lives somewhere deep inside me (Am I the only one who has that?) tell me that I’m lazy or useless. I do have a choice in that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this. We can all learn from each other.

Until next time…

My Opinions

Hello dear reader.

Today has been an interesting day, to say the least.  I saw Dr. K.  He said my MRI was “as normal as it gets for me.”  Everything is “stable.”  This is good news, and not so good news.  It’s good because it means I don’t have to undergo another surgery, always a good thing, right?   The not so good part is now we have to find out why my symptoms are returning.  With surgery there would be a definite end in sight.  That’s not the case now. 

I remember at one point, when things were really bad with the pain (several years ago), I asked Dr. K. if this disease (Chiari) would kill me.  He told me “not anytime soon.”  I cried for days because that meant there was no end in sight to the pain, the weakness, and the feeling of being useless and a burden.  I  can endure anything as long as I know it will be over at some point.  The hardest part of this is not knowing if that’s the case.  So often it feels like it will never end.

Enough about that…
I’ve been very involved in some research recently which will probably raise a few eyebrows.  I’m studying the Koran.  I’m marking the similarities between it and the Bible.  I intend to write a pretty extensive piece on how much the two religions have in common.  I’ve found many things that are different, but have been amazed at how many stories parallel each other.  I think it’s going to be a really good article.  My hope is to reduce some of the  prejudice toward Muslims by showing the things we have in common.  Every religion has extremists who do horrible things in the name of God, but those are the exceptions, rather than the rule.  I think it is a horrible shame that those people are seen as the norm, as representatives of that  particular religion.  For example, Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida decided the “Christian” way to World Outreach was to burn Korans. Then we have Pastor Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church who spreads God’s love by encouraging violence against law enforcement officers and especially gays and lesbians. People like that give Christianity a bad name, just as the Boston Bombers and 911, among others, give Muslim a bad name.

Since I’m on a roll with controversial subjects tonight, I would love for someone to explain to me how same-sex marriage will “destroy the sanctity of marriage.” I am a heterosexual who is getting married next month. No matter how many same-sex marriages happen, the sanctity of my marriage will not change.

I simply cannot abide all of the prejudice and judgement I see every time I turn on the news. I’m very sad to say that a large part of it comes from so-called “Christians.” The meaning of the word “Christian” is Christ-like. I’ve studied the Bible my entire life. Christ’s life was about compassion, love, acceptance, healing, forgiveness, etc. There is no place in the Bible where He condoned violence or hatred.

What I write here is strictly my opinion. You are certainly entitled to have a differing opinion. As a matter of fact, I would love to discuss these differences with you in a respectful and civil manner.

I have no idea why my writing went this way today, but it just goes to show that you never know what’s going to come out of my head. I’ll try my best to focus on something much more positive next time.

Until then…