Escape Book Club check-in

I’m excited to hear how it’s going with all of you.

Hello dear reader.

We began reading Her Name in the Sky a week ago, so it’s time to check-in with you and see where everyone is. So here are a few questions I’d appreciate all of you answering so we can get a picture of that.

  1. How far into the story are you? Please answer that by naming the chapter so we don’t spoil anything for someone who may be behind you.
  2. How are you liking it so far? Is it keeping your attention? Are you struggling with it?
  3. Are you handling the subject matter okay?

Please answer these and feel free to express anything else you’d like in the comments area below. Just please be careful not to put any spoilers in your comments. I’m excited to hear how it’s going with all of you.

I spent 20+ hours driving round trip and listened to it on Audible, so I’ve already finished it. Personally, I had a difficult time with it for the first few chapters but it got a lot easier after them.

Until next time…