Fur Therapy

They make me laugh whether I want to or not, and that’s super important!

Hello dear reader,

Today I’d like to introduce you to Daisy and Duke. They’re a big part of being glad to live.

Daisy is a terrier mix who will be 8 in May. She weighs about 15 pounds and will quickly let you know that she’s only little on the outside! We’ve been together since she was 3 months old. I’ve had her certified as a service dog. She let’s me know when something’s coming so I can get to a safe place. For example, my neck and shoulders going into spasms that come with a blinding headache is easier to deal with at home than while I’m driving or in the store. When she tells me it’s coming I usually have about an hour to try to get somewhere safe. When I’m down, whether it’s for hours, days, or weeks, she stays with me. When I get up to use the bathroom, she goes outside, grabs a bite of food, and gets back in bed when I do, sometimes still chewing!

She may get up when I’m sleeping, I don’t know. But she’s always there when I wake up.

Duke is a 5 1/2 year old shepherd/healer mix that we adopted when he was 9 months old. He had a really rough start. He was badly abused and starved. He was terrified of people. We had him for almost 3 months before he started wagging his tail.

He’s still cautious about meeting new people, and he’s become quite protective. He loves to play and nothing makes him happier than being told he’s a “good boy.” He’s a very sweet, loving, and well-behaved dog.
Duke is really Tim’s dog. He goes to work with him when weather and circumstances allow. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t sit beside me getting petted all day if I’d let him.

So there’s the fur therapists. They make me laugh whether I want to or not, and that’s super important!

Until next time…

Lots of news

Hello dear reader.

Before I say anything else, i need to apologize for my long absence. It was caused by many factors which I’m not going to list here. Bottom line….. I’m very story. It won’t happen again. Please forgive me?

On to better news…


This is Duke, the newest member of our little family. He is 8 months old. He had a very rough start in life. He was found living under an abandoned trailer at an Indian reservation in Arizona. He was with his mother and a younger litter of puppies. Duke and his mother were both literally skeletal (we have pictures, but I won’t do that to you). The younger litter was almost dead from dehydration since the mother had no nutrients to make milk from. There is a lady out there who goes out onto the reservation rescuing dogs. I don’t know her name, but God bless her! Duke was so afraid of people that it took two months of her bringing food out there to him before he would go with her.

Duke needed a place to feel safe and secure, a place flowing with food and water. It took a couple days (of course) for him to relax. But I think you’ll agree he has done that now…


He is stretched out on the couch hugging the toy he was playing with when he fell asleep. Yes, the tip of his ear is missing. That’s part of that rough start too.

Duke is a shepherd mix. He howls like a husky and has spots on his belly like a healer…his face kind of has that shape too…so we think he is a shepherd/husky/healer. Whatever he’s made up of, he is just as sweet as he can be!

On to other news…Wow! I heard that in a TV anchor-person voice! Weird!…

I finally got my MRI done last week and will see the doctor to discuss the results a week from Thursday (the 6th). I should know then where we need to go from here to try to get some semblance of my life back. That’s a pretty important date for me. Of course I’ll post about it.

Those of you who are waiting for more of “Shining Moon” won’t be waiting much longer. The next part will be posted by the end of the week.

Thank you for your patience, your support, and your willingness to read a semi-crazy woman’s writing.

Until next time….